Search Engine Optimization

Why need Search Marketing?

People heavily rely on search engine like Google, Youtube and Amazon.When customers type in a search query in these search engines, your website can appear in search results in two ways – Free (organic results) and Paid ads.

Customers who come organically to your website by searching you are considered one of the best type of visitors in terms of depth of engagement with you because of high purchase intent and higher trust. They stay longer and visit more pages on your site or are likely to buy from your Amazon listing. Alternatively, you can also buy ad spots on search result pages, which is a short cut to appearing on the top of the results.

We can help you with your SEO – both global and local levels so you get free organic and more relevant traffic to your offer pages and to your showroom or local store.

Are you present when the customers are searching for you?

How we do it is through following three step process:


Focused On Ideal Customers, Benefit & Tech Details, Capture Customer’s Imagination with Sensory Words


Irresistible Headlines, News Worthy, Quotes included, 5 Wives 1 Husband Rule


Online Reputation Management is reverse of SEO, here we monitor and mitigate impact of negative publicity on search engine result pages or mentions in social media.

So whenever a potential customer calls for your type of products on Google or Amazon, we help you say “YES”!

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