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Why need engaging content?

Writing impactful product descriptions with all the features, benefits and use cases of the productexplained correctly and engagingly is of paramount importance in today’s competitive ecommerce world.

After viewing the eye-catching pictures and videos, the buyer’s focus shifts to the written description which helps him/her in making the purchase. Any small error or omission can result in a lost sale or worst any miss-selling due to incorrect description can cause products to be returned and lots of bad reviews.

Similarly when you launch a new product after lot of hard work on market research, getting right product at the right price point, it become essential to give a nice Press Release or Product Review for media to cover the launch. This helps the product take off properly after the launchand reduces the chances of failure. But remember that unlike in yester-years now people don’t rely on morning newspaper for news updates but rather on Twitter and Facebook feed. So we should provide content to customers in the way they prefer.

A press release from an organization is an official announcement that it issues to the news mediaanswering the “who, what, why, where and how."

Blog posts and guest blogs need to be highly engaging and still have a right call to action subtly placed in them. These help in improving search rankings and in interlinking product pages thus improving chances of conversion and getting repeat website visitors.

Finally all the text content needs to be SEO optimized to help the website rank organically and get best quality traffic on product pages which further helps in sales conversions.

Engaging, Insightful, Impactful Content Marketing

How we do it is through following three step process:


  • Focussed On Ideal Customers
  • Benefit & Tech Details
  • Capture Customer’s Imagination with Sensory Words


  • Irresistible Headlines
  • News Worthy
  • Quotes included
  • 5 Wives 1 Husband Rule


  • How-To Posts
  • Listicles
  • Curated Collection
  • SlideShare Presentation
  • Newsjacking Posts

Your Blog is a reflection of your thoughts, words and actions and it interacts with your clients when you are not around!

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